Wake Up World

New day, new song – Music to get your day started

Love you Madly – Cake

Why did the cookie go to the hospital?

-Because he felt crummy.

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Courage – Abdominal and the Obliques

Gotta love any artist that records songs with their mom.

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3:02 – Clutchy Hopkins

A snippet of bio in the life of Clutchy Hopkins:

“The “official” bio for Hopkins seemed preposterous at best, telling the story of the son of a Motown recording engineer who traveled to Japan in his twenties to study with Rinzai monks, then to India to study Raja yoga, and from there Hopkins, so the story goes, journeyed to Nigeria to study percussion, becoming as well, a gun runner and revolutionary.”


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Shake Me Down – Cage The Elephant

It’s Monday, but don’t give up.

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Draco – Paraiso Prometido

You have your whole life to be serious.  Lets make the most of our youth.

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Lover to Lover – Florence and the Machine

It’s the weekend! What more do you want?

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Domino – Van Morrison

Happy Friday!

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Life’s a Beach – Django Django

Life may be a beach, but no man is an island…

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Ghosting – Mother Mother

There’s two fish in a tank.  One turns to the other and says

-You man the guns, I’ll drive.

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Thrift Shop – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

No matter what you think, I love getting dressed to this song.  I just need a few more blazers in my closet and maybe a fur coat…


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